Ellon and District Darts League Results, 2010-11

Competition Winners:

A. Sweeny (team event) (Shield) Final: Arms A v Buchan Tartan; Winner: Arms A.

Betty n Bill Mixed Pairs (Shield): Final: Kenny Aiken & Andrea Ronie v Alan Moir & Sylvia Strath; Winner: Alan Moir & Sylvia Strath.

EDDL Triples (Shield): Final: Kevin Matthew/Jim Forbes/Sandy Gault (Legion B) v Paul Cooper/Brian Cooper/Brian Woods (Legion B); Winner: Paul Cooper/Brian Cooper/Brian Woods (Legion B).

Mercury Pairs (Shield): Final: Kenny Aiken & Murray Paterson (Station) v Kevin Matthew & Eric Melville (Legion B); Winner: Kevin Matthew & Eric Melville (Legion B).

Moir Singles (Shield): Final: Joe Crombie (Arms A) v Paul Cooper (Legion B); Winner: Paul Cooper (Legion B).

KTC Pairs (Cup): Final: Sandy Gault/Jim Forbes (Legion B) v Paul Cooper/Mike Stephen (Legion B); Winner: Paul Cooper/Mike Stephen (Legion B).

J. COWIESON (team event) (Cup): Final: Buchan v Legion B; Winner: Legion B.

Knockout Cup (team event) (Trophy): Final: Legion A v Arms A; Winner: Legion A.

T. Memorial Singles (Shield): Final: Ryan Wallace (Buchan) v Alan Moir (Legion A); Winner: Alan Moir (Legion A).

I. Watson Mixed Pairs (Scroll): Final: Kenny Aiken & Lorraine Aiken v Paul Cooper & Megan Ross; Winner: Kenny Aiken & Lorraine Aiken.

League Winner (Shield): Legion B: Runner up: Arms A.

Singles Winner (Trophy): Paul Richardson; Runner up: Paul Cooper.

Doubles Winner (Shield): Martin Donald/Marcus Seager; Runner up: Gary Crichton/Paul Richardson.

Most 180’s: Paul Richardson (9).

Highest Check Out: Robbie Wilson (170).

Best Average: Alan Moir, Brian Woods and Paul Cooper/Brian Woods (12 darts).

Wooden Spoon: Kilmarnock Arms.

Most Improved (Scroll): Hatton Mill.