Five is the magic number

Formartine attackers ready to pounce on the ball in the Lossiemouth goal
Formartine attackers ready to pounce on the ball in the Lossiemouth goal

Formartine had kicked off, pushed the ball about a bit before it was clipped out down the left by Lawson to pick out Barbour, this attacked fizzled out quickly enough for a counter down the same side to be mounted.

Keeper Reid looked to have the angles covered but the attacking full back’s final ball rebounded off centre back Wood as he attempted to clear, this both took the pace off the ball and deflected it way beyond the reach of the keeper and into the net.

Lawson and Anderson were soon dictating tempo and shape while Rodger and Masson foraged in front of them.

The back four edged forward to tighten the squeeze and within a few minutes it was clear that the Lossie keeper was in for a busy afternoon.

He did, however, cope exceptionally well with the demands made of him and certainly did enough to merit any man of the match award.

Formartine played a canny enough game, maintaining possession, keeping good shape; probing and prodding to find openings.

They were in charge and it was only a matter of time before their well structured play would produce the goals it deserved.

The first arrived in the 26th minute after sustained pressure all round the visitors penalty area.

Barbour, Gauld and Masson all combined and produced a number of corners all taken by Lawson and each carrying enough menace to cause some panic at the back but not enough to force an equaliser, Anderson saw the gap and clipped the ball neatly home after McConnachie had parried his initial header.

They swiftly racked up three more goals over the next 17 minutes.

Lossie held out with 10 men for 45 minutes when just before full-time sub Callum Bagshaw brushed off tackles and manoeuvred himself into position to drill the ball home from ten or so yards out.

5-1 was a fair result – with a bit of luck for Formartine, it could have been more but Lossie gave their all in the unequal contest.