Manager proud as brave young team come so close

After the match Manager for the day Derek Wood said, “I think we competed well and played the kind of football we played earlier in the season. With the score at 2-1 we looked poised to get back in the game but failed to take any opportunities that came our way.

“We then had a real good chance but couldn’t capitalise on a mistake by the keeper and they go up the park and score a third. It was a bit of a sucker punch.

“We felt we were always in the game as Barrhead like to play attacking football and are often in high scoring games but being a bit susceptible at the back there was always a chance. Losing a fourth so early in the second half gave us a mountain to climb but the lads played right to the final whistle and never gave up.

“In the end Barrhead were worthy winners with some fine goals, but I was proud of the performance of such a young team and would never have believed early on in the season we would be 
contesting a Scottish Cup Final.”