More goals per game in Scottish leagues than La Liga

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The recently published Price of Football survey might have raised questions about value for money in the British game, but in terms of goals per match it seems fans in Scotland’s third tier are getting the best value this season.

There have been a total of 66 matches played so far in the Scottish Premiership, with 181 goals scored - a respectable 2.74 goals per match.

However, it’s League One where more goals have been scored than in any other - 164, working out at 3.28 goals per fixture.

Championship fixtures have yielded 2.58 goals per match, and despite League Two being a very tight contest, its 2.76 goals per game is a decent average.

The Scottish national side may have failed to qualify for next year’s Euros, but fans of domestic Scottish football can console themselves that the top four leagues all outdo the average goals per game in Spain’s La Liga, teams from the home of tiki-taka only averaging 2.48 goals per fixture.