Wet weather defeats local clubs

The recent rains have played havoc with the local football programme, leading to a near washout in the area, writes Jack Nixon.

The desperate thing for supporters of the game is that a switch to summer time soccer would be no guarantee of matches going ahead, given that rainy days are being forecast for the UK at all times in the year.

Frustratingly, both the big boys of the East Gordon had blank Saturdays, resulting in one-time Highland League leaders Formartine United helplessly watching as Brora Rangers took a firm grip on affairs in the division.

A 2-1 win at Inverurie was surely a sign that the northerners are champions elect, though the North Lodge side will know the folly of counting their chickens.

A first title for Brora would be no more than they deserve after long away trips on the road throughout the season.

For those in the Aberdeen area who would moan about journeys to Caithness, they would do well to dwell on the fact that apart from two trips to Wick and Brora, they are in the main spared the pain, not to say the expense of the two aforesaid clubs.

More locally Ellon United suffered the anguish of losing out to the weather for the third consecutive week.

“It is now beyond a joke,” said Billy Gordon, the Ellon United president, who has not been idle at a time when the club has been denied game time at the Meadows.

He explained: “We are looking to attract sponsors to keep the club afloat. These are difficult times for all clubs, not helped by having games postponed.”

Both clubs can, however, be comforted by the fact that officials and referees are generally on top of the weather issues, calling off games before teams hit the road, unlike Aberdeen Rugby who have twice travelled to Edinburgh in the last month, only to have their games postponed at the last minute.

At least the beautiful game appears to be spared the total incompetence displayed by the oval ball teams in the capital.