McDonald Golf Club, Bridge Section

The end of the bridge season took place in McDonald Golf Club on Thursday by way of a hat night after the presentation of prizes.

Monthly Prizes: October - Mrs A Wildgoose & Mrs E Sherwood; November - Mrs K Esslemont; January - Mrs E Martin & Mr E Sherwood; February - Mr & Mrs C Gall; March - Mrs G Templeton & Mr V Cantlay

Sweco Trophy: Runners Up -Dr G Templeton & V Cantlay; Winners - Mr & Mrs J Fowlie; Dorothy MacIver Trophy: Runners Up - Mrs E Martin & Mr E Sherwood; Winners - A.L.Fraser & R Watson; Birnie Cup: Winners - Mrs E Sherwood & Mrs A Wildgoose; McDonald Cup (Championship): Runner Up - Mr J Russell; Winners - Mrs A Wildgoose & Mrs E Sherwood; Hat Night Winners - N.S: 1st - Mr & Mrs C Gall; 2nd - Mr & Mrs J Fowlie; 3rd - Mrs K Esslemont & J Russell; 4th - A.L.Fraser & R.Watson; E.W: 1st - Dr G Templeton & V Cantlay; 2nd - Mrs M Mutch & Mrs M Willox; 3rd - Mrs L Keay & Mr W Christie; 4th - Mrs D MacIver & Mr L Johnston.