Anglers undeterred by gusts

Casting the line across the wind can be tricky particularly in gusty conditions as many an angler has found to his or her cost.

There is nothing more irksome than being hooked behind your own back at a place which you cannot reach without taking off your jacket, particularly on a cold blustery day and getting hooked behind the “lug” can be a nippy experience.

At Lochter Fishery there were plenty of anglers willing to brave the wind and although the conditions were far from ideal, catches were good with a variety of flies working well.

Delighted with his success in the Troutmasters final was Alan Patterson, from Inverurie, who will now represent the fishery in the Troutmasters Grand Final at Grafham Water on September 15.

Also getting among the action was Dave Murray who caught and released nine using Damsels and Buzzers, A Milligan who also had nine on Buzzers, Jim Thomson used a Rob Roy to bring six to the net and A Murdoch who had a fine 6lb specimen in his bag of 14 all attracted by a black and green Tadpole.

The most successful flies have been Buzzers, WSW`s, yellow Dancers, Tadpoles and Diawl Bachs.

At the time of writing conditions are ideal with a gentle breeze ruffling the surface. The forecast is for things to improve with temperatures lifting slowly which should make the fishing more comfortable and certainly more pleasurable.