Autumn coolness at Lochter Fishery

There has been a noticeable drop in temperature during the past week at Lochter Fishery and a hint of autumn could be felt in the breeze which by the weekend had become near gale.

The effect on the fish has been quite remarkable for, as the temperature dropped, so they came more and more on the feed.

The upsurge in interest by the fish has been good news for anglers and there have been many excellent bags recorded in the catch record.

On Monday Ronnie Ewan and Lenny Davidson had 20 apiece using Damsels and Cormorants and just to show that this was not a fluke came back on Friday and had 50 fish between them all safely returned.

Bags into double figures have been commonplace throughout the week. A Watt and G Alexander had 14 each on a mix of Buzzers and Wets while Alan Logan stuck with his favourite size 14 Nymphs and tempted ten.

As the week progressed lures worked well. Bill Young had 16 on yellow Dancers, Mike G Frost 17 on a black Fritz, P Young 13 on an olive lure, T Ewing 11 on Cats Whiskers and Nomads, J Graham 24 on Damsels and Dancers and Marc Coul 15 on a selection of mini lures.

These are just s selection of the bags recorded and few if any fishers went away having failed to score.