Cruden Bay Bowls prize giving for lucky winners

Cruden Bay Bowls Club prize winners
Cruden Bay Bowls Club prize winners

Members of Cruden Bay Bowls Club celebrated their success at a recent prize giving event.

The winners officially received their trophies at Cruden Bay Golf Club on Saturday, November, 2.

Winners and trophies are as follows:

Foster Cup Club Champion: C. D McLeay; runner-up: K Stirling.

Robertson Cup Singles: G. T Cruickshank; runner-up: C. D McLeay.

Falconer Cup Singles: R Bird; runner-up: C Deakin.

Stott Cup: K Stirling; runner-up: R Bird.

John Brown Cup: G. T Cruickshank; runner-up: C Craig.

Carnegie Bowl: G. T Cruickshank; runner-up: K Stirling.

Jim and Ann McLeay Cup: E Reid; runner-up: N Marshall.

H B Foster Cup Pairs: A Stott and N Marshall; runners-up: G.T Cruickshank and W Garden.

Sim Cup Pairs: M Riddle and A Stirling; runners-up: N Marshall and S Chalmers.

Gala Cup Pairs: K Stirling and A Stirling; runners-up: R Bird and A Stott.

Phoenix Trophy Triples: S Chalmers, K Taylor and I Young; runners-up: C. D McLeay, K Campbell and K Henderson. Lynn McLeay Shield Rinks: C. D McLeay, K Henderson, J Deakin and W Garden; runners-up: G. T Cruickshank, S Chalmers, K Taylor and N Marshall.

Red House Triples: G. T Cruickshank, R Bird and J Deakin; runners-up: M Riddle, E Reid and K Campbell.

R and K MacKay Cup: W. A Garden; runner-up: R Bird.

G. T Cruickshank Cup: C. D McLeay; runner-up: M. J Baxter.

G & M Coutts Cup Junior: Kayleigh Campbell; runner-up: Katie Leigh Emslie. Jim Black Memorial Cup Junior: Kayleigh Campbell; runner-up: Bethany Emslie.

K & C Craig Cup for most improved: Kayleigh Campbell.