Dutch tour success for Methlick cricketers

Methlick Cricket Club celebrate a fine performance in the final match of their tour
Methlick Cricket Club celebrate a fine performance in the final match of their tour
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Methlick cricketers were back on home soil this week after a highly successful tour of Holland which saw the ambitious, forward-thinking club play three games in a country which is fast gaining a reputation in the leather on willow game.

The Lairds side were taking part in their second international tour, having already visited in Kenya where they flew the flag for Scotland.

Jay Allan, one of the joint organisers of the week-long tour, said: “The Kenyan trip was voted a big success, so we thought why not take in another country who are committed to cricket.

“We had no difficulty in putting together a squad who performed well, and I like to think we were good ambassadors for the game, our country, and of course Methlick.”

The tour started in style with a game against SGS Voorburg at the picturesque ground where the Dutch national side play.

Liz Shepherd, who doubled up as reporter and photographer on the tour, said: “The home side batted first, but despite a late flurry of runs were restricted to 127, enabling our lads to pass their total, thanks to some stylish batting from Liam Maxfield.”

The single wicket win was followed by a short trip to Utrecht where the MCC met Kampong CC on another beautiful ground, all geared up for sport, putting most Scottish facilities to shame.

The home side set the Lairds side a daunting target of 172 to win, though veteran Colin Addison put aside his tour tiredness to turn in a fine spell of bowling to give his side a fighting chance of victory. His efforts were well supported by Jamie Jones and Tim Duffy.

The visitors reply was led by Addison who found Dutch bowling to his liking, helping himself to a splendid half century before losing his concentration and getting caught out.

In the end MCC had to settle for a total of 144, and 28 run defeat.

The final game was played against USV Hercules in which Jamie Jones proved to be a tourist of real class, racking up 81 runs to give the visitors the bragging rights on a tour in which the Scots were well received by their friendly hosts.

Liz Shepherd said: “The guys were real troupers, who while enjoying the social life on offer, competed well, and were so well turned out. It made me very proud.”

The squad members were Tim Duffy, Colin Addison, Phil Cox, Jay Allan, Jamie Jones, Liam Maxfield, Nick Hyde, Jason Allan, Matthew Day, Byran Carr, Charles Coulson, Charlie Allan, who were supported by Anita Duffy, Fiona Allan, 
Corrine Cox and Liz Shepherd.