Easy does it at Lochter

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The hot weather continues unabated and water temperatures continue to rise at Lochter Fishery.

During the past week, it has been lovely to see loads of families sitting in the sun round the bait ponds.

For the big boy anglers it has been a testing week. For much of the time the fish have been well down in the cooler layers of water and not too willing to stir themselves.

The most successful method has been using very small nymphs fished slow and deep. Lochter regular Alan Logan has perfected the method and was rewarded with an outstanding score of 14, all safely and carefully returned. A McDougal used similar tactics, keeping one for the barbecue and returning seven. Just to prove the point he returned the following day to land another six.

There were times when there was a bit of cloud cover and again in the evenings when the sun went lower in the sky when the fish came to the top and there were good rises all over the lochs.

Raymond Taylor took advantage of such a time and using black Spiders and CDC Shuttlecocks grassed nine, while J Fraser used “wee black dries” to also catch and release nine. John Lees, from Arbroath, popped along for the evening and had seven on dries, reporting “a good evening rise”. J McLennan, from Inverurie, had six on dries and Hoppers and D Limond from Kemnay the same number on Shipmans Buzzers.

The fishing is likely to remain testing but enjoyable as the hot weather continues with anglers having to vary their tactics slightly to take account of the conditions. With the fish in languid mood it will be “easy does it” until the weather changes.