Ellon appoint leading international coach

Duaine Lindsay is determined to take Ellon back into the national leagues.
Duaine Lindsay is determined to take Ellon back into the national leagues.

Ellon Rugby has taken a bold step to get the club back into the national leagues by announcing the appointment of an internationally experienced head coach.

Irishman Duaine Lindsay will arrive at the Meadows later this month to take up his duties with the Caledonian Division 1 side with the clear target of taking the Meadows men back to the national leagues within two seasons.

Lindsay, 42, has played for Irish club Dromore, and is currently head coach of the Jordan national team where he has been in charge since 2007.

He said: “From what I can gather Ellon is a club with a fine tradition, and crucially ambition. I am looking forward to coming to Scotland, and to working with officials who really care about rugby.

“President Richard Porteous has been very forthright about the challenge I face, but am up for it.

“Realistically the first year will be one of bedding in, but after that the next year is one in which I intend to take them back to the national leagues.”

Notwithstanding his Irish connections, Lindsay is committed to a style of rugby more commonly associated with the southern hemisphere.

He added: “I like the way New Zealand in particular play the game. The concept of playing everything at pace is very appealing, but it means the guys will need to be fit, something I will be working on when I come to the club.”

Lindsay has considerable experience of working with the various under age groups.

Displaying his highly motivated, enthusiastic approach to the game, he said: “I gather Ellon is very committed to youth rugby, which is just great.”

The Ellon president hailed the appointment as a hugely important one for the club.

He said: “Duaine is just what we need at a crucial time in the history of the club. His experience with all age groups fits in nicely with our plans.

“He also brings a wealth of knowledge of the world game, but most of all he has bags of enthusiasm, and high motivation.

“I look forward to him coming to the club. It has not been the easiest times for the club, but I genuinely believe we are on our way back.”

Lindsay is married with a four-year-old daughter. His wife is currently teaching in Vietman where he will be heading before he returns to the UK to take in Ellon’s opening game on August 31.