Ellon Darts League results

The fourth league game of the season was played on September 30 with the following results:

Scott Walker (Station), Phil Anderson (Reds), Stevie Duncan (Legion B), Barry Duguid (Legion A) all hit a maximum

Kenny Aiken (Station) 15 darts

Joe Crombie/Davie Peters (Legion B) 16 darts

Stevie Duncan (Legion B) 17 darts

Neale Michie (Garret), Graham Hastie (Garret) 18 darts

Alan Moir (Legion A), Kenny Aiken/Davie Havlin (Station), Neale Michie (Garret) 19 darts

Zander Noble (Killie) 127 check-out

Michael Reid (Buchan) 117 check-out

Keith Reid (Buchan) 110 check-out

Neil Welsh (Linsmohr) 100 check-out

Pitmedden Bar 1, Station 10; Reds 4, Legion B 7; Buchan 10, Arms B 1; Legion A 5, Tartan 6; Killie 5, Garret 6; Ythanview 5, Linsmohr 6; Arms A 7, Hatton Mill 4.