Ellon Darts league results round-up

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Results for week 19 of the Ellon Darts League season played on March 1:

180s: Paul Monaghan (Linsmohr), Michael Alexander (Garret), Graham Hastie (Garret).

Quick Legs: Brian Wilson (Station A) 17, Davy Scott (Buchan Tartan) 18, Peter Barrack (Station A) 19.

High check-outs: Scott Booth (St Olaf) 101, Peter Barrack (Station A) 102, Davie Moir (Garret) 103, Martin Donald (Arms C) 110, Mike Penny (Station Reds) 111, Barry Duguid (Legion A) 116, Stuart Critchley (Arms C) 130.

Results: Arms A 2, Garret 9; Arms C 8, Station Reds 3; Buchan Tartan 2, Legion A 9; Linsmohr 11, Arms B 0; Station A 10, Ythanview 1; St Olaf 6, Bridge Bar 5.