Ellon nearly there

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ELLON Cricket Club could be Grade 1 champions should they take four points at St Ronalds on Saturday.

It would be a magnificent achievement for the club, founded in 1862, as they have never been crowned champions of Grade 1.

Last Saturday, Ellon played Aberdeen Grammar at Harlaw Road knowing that to remain top they had to get maximum points from the game. They lost the toss and were invited to bat on the artificial surface.

However, Aman and Davies the Ellon openers who have been in excellent form this season did not struggle in the slightest against the bowling of Vijapurt and Stuart the Grammar opening bowlers.

Although boundaries were difficult to get, due to the distance and the long grass, Davies and Aman kept the run rate at 3.5 an over as they built their innings and Ellon’s total. Surprisingly the first boundary of the day came in the 17th over when the score was on 53.

Davies and Aman ran one’s and twos’, but only one three as they continued to get the better of Grammar’s bowlers.

As the Ellon players applauded the 100 partnership in the 24th over disaster struckt when Davies was stumped off the bowling of Eagles, Davies was three short of his 50. Next in was young Salisbury a new recruit this year and he and Aman pushed the score along with Aman knotching up is 50 during the partnership.

Having made 55 runs Aman boldly went for a second run and was run out by a country mile on a direct hit on the stumps. Ellon were 145 for 2 and the captain’s intentions were to get maximum batting points and then declaring, giving Ellon as many overs as possible to bowl out the hosts

Barratt joined Salisbury at the crease and they continued to push the run rate along as Grammar tried different bowlers, in order to get wickets. Having made a quickfire 18 runs Barratt skied a hook shot and was caught at mid wicket. Ellon were 167 for three still needing 13 runs for the 10 batting points. Galt joined Salisbury who was batting with aggression and they were able to push the score along to 182 in the 38th over before Salisbury was stumped off the bowling of Knudson, having made 28 runs. 
The Ellon captain was next in and he made it clear that he was going to declare after 40 overs, giving us 50 overs to bowl out Grammar. A good decision as it proved to be, Ellon lost another wicket in the last two overs with S White being stumped after going for a massive hit. With 196 runs on the scoreboard Ellon declared and tea was taken.

The first wicket came in the fourth over when Wade clean bowled Booth the Grammar opener. Grammar did not accept the invitation to chase the score down and they settled in with no intention of getting runs. It was not until the 15th over when Grammar had scored 28 runs that Ellon got the second wicket. Celland stumped by Davies off the bowling of Barratt. Three runs later Ellon had their third wicket when Lord was caught by Davies, the bowler again being Barratt.

In the 27th over a clever bowling change resulted in Vijapur being bowled by Aman. Ellon had to wait until the 32nd over to get the next wicket and Galt was the lucky bowler when he bowled Macdonald who made 18 runs.

Wicket number seven came in the 35th over with 68 runs on the scoreboard number 8 and 9 in the 42nd over Wade the Ellon bowler who sweeped up the tail. Ellon had the 30 points they wanted.