Enjoyable weather for Lochter anglers

During the past week as temperatures soared there have some scary sights at Lochter Fishery as anglers, melting under the sun, shed much of their standard kit and instead opted for shorts and tee shirts.

There were some good bags secured both traditional and trendy with dries and Buzzers being much favoured. Top scorer was John Greive,visiting from the Northern Isles. John, aided by intermittent cloud cover, used a Shipmans Buzzer to have a “great day”, catching and releasing 20 fish.

Another visitor Les Wilson, from Glasgow, had eight on Buzzers and CDC Emergers. Bill Noble on a two fish ticket kept a nice brace and released a further seven using small nymphs while Al Noble put back all his seven caught on black Buzzers.

The cool, deep waters of the Muckle Troot loch have been a good choice for anglers when the sun was bright and high in the sky. Slowly retrieved nymphs and lures worked well with John Weir grassing seven on yellow Dancers and Dave Young eight on Dancers and white Fritz.

With the Aberdeen Trades holiday over, it is time for the next heat of the Lochter £1000 Summer Series. All anglers are invited to give it a go this Sunday (August 4) at 9am with the top four going through to the October final. This is a chance not to be missed.

We are back to more typically Scottish mixed conditions which should help the fishing. Water temperatures are down a bit and the fish are more active as a result.