Fine angling at Delgatie Castle

As predicted last week we have enjoyed a reasonably settled week of weather although Sunday morning saw a rapid descent with wind and rain forecast for the next two days at least. The conditions during the past week have led to good catches with again the two schools of thought i.e. lures versus dries having equal prominence in the casting leagues. This leads to the thought that too many anglers are ignoring their personal preferences in favour of a study of the record book where successful end tackle is recorded and that wets, nymphs and buzzers along with an infinite collection of other methods are being ignored in preference to numbers. Enjoyable fishing does not imply a race to the top of the numbers league.

The best recorded catches of the past week fell to:

P Keir, Fyvie, 26 fish, (olive WSW), A Murray, Gardenstown, 17 fish, (black, orange and olive fritz), M Guest, Shropshire, 13 fish, (dries), C McLean, Fraserburgh, 12 fish, (dries), L Sleeman, Macduff, 9 fish, (cat’s whiskers, dries), J Alleson, Huntly, 7 fish, (dries), D Reid, Banff, 6 fish, (dries), I Watt, Turriff, 6 fish, (dries,buzzers), K Fraser, Greeness, 6 fish, (white fritz, montata).