Fish lie deep at Delgatie Castle

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The weather at Delgatie Castle this past week has been less than conducive to good fishing with bright sunshine and high temperatures prevailing all week.

The result was that fish were opting to lie deep and were less than enthusiastic in feeding with anglers forced to alter their normal methods to try to snare their prey. The evenings proved more productive as the fish rose in the water column as the strength of the sun faded. Early mornings also proved better before the heat and glare of the sun became effective.

However, some anglers battled the conditions and were able to land some fish.

Best catches were as follows:

P. Keir, Fyvie (33 fish, Wets, Olive Lure); A. Murray, Gardenstown (20 fish, White Nomad, Black/Green Fritz); M. Rawding, Fraserburgh (11 fish, Bunny Leech, Buzzers); N. Thomson, Turriff (9 fish, Buzzers); I. Burnett, Fraserburgh (8 fish, Buzzers); S. Faithful, Mintlaw (7 fish, Daddy Long Legs).

Among the juniors, A. Caithness from Dunfermline landed a creditable 11 fish on two visits.

The forecast for the coming week suggest a lowering of temperature and occasional showers or longer periods of rain, both of which will be welcome.

The water is still relatively weed free and access to all fishing areas remains good.

Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is a Troutmaster water and is open seven days from 8am til 10pm or until light fades.

Closing times will be revised and notified in each report. Visitors and novices are welcome and booking is not necessary. Boats (where required) rods and tackle are available for hire at the fishery. For further information call Bob on 07980 999 006.