Fun in the sun at Lochter

SUN cream and sandals was the order of the day for many last week and at times it looked more like Costa del Lochter, as the mercury rose and the sun glared down at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum.

Water temperatures rose accordingly and the fish were somewhat more selective as to what would tempt them from their shady lies.

Gauging by the returns book it appeared to be a case of either fishing lures or Buzzers deeper during the day and in the evening traditional dry flies, CDC’s or Klinkhammers that worked well on the surface.

Davy Wood had 20 for his day on his favourite WSW lure, Phil Sellar had eight on a Damsel and his fishing partner Sandy Nelson had eight on a Blob.

Dave Simpson had 17 on a variety of lures including a WSW and Bunny Leech and Neil Smith had 10 on a WSW and Blob.

Buzzers certainly came into their own and Robert Hassin from Ellon had 18 on Black Buzzers, James Dunsmore had 29 and John McGoug had 27. Ron Will had nine on a Blade Buzzer with orange or red cheeks and Alan Barker had five.

During the evening sessions Michael Reed had nine on a Daddy and Spider, John Petrie had 11 on a CDC Shuttlecock, Colin McKinnon had one on Klinkhammers and both Kevin and John Brown used a variety of any flies to catch 21 and 12 fish respectively.

Haddo House Angling Club had a great day out on Saturday fishing their Club Competition on the Muckle Troot Loch.

When everything was tallied up, in first place was Jim Adie, second Sandy Reid and third John Parsons.

The Fishery is open in the evenings until 9.30pm in May and in June we close at 10pm.

This affords a great opportunity to come along after work, relax and maybe catch the ‘evening’ rise. After 6pm we do a two hour catch and release ticket for £5 and 3 hours for £8.

Meanwhile, the predicted warmer weather came with a vengeance at Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery, but the hoped-for result of surface and sub surface activity did not materialise as the bright glare of the sun kept the fish deep.

However, sport has been good with most anglers enjoying reasonable catches and 15 fish in the 5-6lb range was recorded.

Best catches of the week fell to: A. Murray, Gardenstown (40 fish, Orange Fritz); G. Burton, Gardenstown (15 fish, Pink Blob); A. Forbes, Aberdeen (12 fish, White Fritz); A. Murdoch, New Deer (eight fish, Silver Line); J. Murison, Fraserburgh (seven fish, Blob).