Legion “B” end Station “A” unbeaten record

Legion “B” kept their title hopes alive in Ellon and District Darts League with a fine away victory against league leaders Station “A”.

With the score tied at 5-5, Noel Johnston held his nerve against Murray Paterson to secure victory for the Legion side.

In a keenly-contested match Joe Crombie (Legion B) hit a maximum and a 17-dart leg and Paul Richardson (Station) had a 136 check-out.

The defeat was the first loss of the season for Station “A” and they face another testing match this week at home against third placed Garret.

The Mintlaw side stayed in touch with a 7-4 win against Hatton Mill. Neale Michie (Garret), Scott Michie (Garret) and Craig Malcolm (Hatton Mill) all hit maximums and Graeme Anderson (Garret) had an 18-dart leg and a 108 check-out.

In the Buchan derby match Buchan emerged victorious after a close 6-5 victory against Buchan Tartan.

Jim Walker (Tartan) had a 112 check-out and Kenny McRitchie (Tartan) hit a 104 check-out. Other 180 scorers this week were - Dave Moir (Killie), Martin Norrie (Killie) and Alan Moir (Legion A).

Results for league games played on January 7:

Buchan 6, Tartan 5; Linsmohr 7, Arms B 4; Arms A 5, Killie 6; Station 5, Legion B 6; Garret 7, Hatton Mill 4; Legion A 6, Reds 5.