Lochter serves up top sport

ON Sunday afternoon even the normally busy banks of Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum were quiet. The fishery bar and lounge was, however, very busy as normally fishing focused anglers crowded in to see how Andy Murray was faring in his attempt to win the Wimbledon men’s final. Once the writing began to appear on the wall they drifted away and found that the sport on the water was ace.

A Skene from Aberdeen set the standard with 15 on WSW`s while D Simpson netted 14 on an assortment of flies from a Shuttlecock to a white Fritz. Dries served up success for N Smith who kept two and returned 12, but the top scorer of the day was C McPhee who had an absolute beauty in the mid teen of pounds as part of his bag of 18 mainly on dries.

Earlier in the week sport varied with the weather. There were times when there was much surface activity and anglers had great sport with dries and CDC’s. Among the successful anglers using these flies were George Esslemont and F Weir with nine each, D Craig with six S Craig with ten and Ron Lesley had ten as well.

There were times when the weather got very blustery and put the fish down; anglers had to switch to other methods to tempt the trout .Green Blobs worked for John Persons who had a dozen, Ian McCafferty kept three and returned ten on a white Fritz while the olive Damsel worked for D Limond who caught and released ten.

The forecast for month of July is more of the same with no sign of summer as we know it. Not good for holiday makers but fine for fishers.