Lochter Summer Series final

This weekend sees the start of an exceptionally busy and exciting time at Lochter Fishery.

On Wednesday, October 23, the fishery hosts the International Bank Fly Fishing Final when six-man teams representing Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales fight it out to become international champions.

The event, run by SANA, will see the teams enjoying a couple of days practice before being piped to the waterside for the big event.

On Sunday, October 6, 28 mainly local anglers will convene on the banks of the fishery to contest the final of the Lochter Summer Series. Sponsored by E-M Diagnostics, there is a £1000 pot to be won and Mr Bill Thompson, MD of the sponsors, will

make the presentations.

During the past week conditions for angling have been ideal and the results have reflected this with many excellent bags being recorded. Getting well into double figures at the start of the week was Lee Adams, from Aberdeen, who had 15 on a mix of Blobs and Buzzers.

On the same day G Mitchell had 12 on dries and Damsels and Len Davidson nine. In midweek the fishing continued in good style and top lady angler Karen Fraser had 10 using Damsels and Rubber Legged Nymphs.

It was tough going on Friday and Saturday but by Sunday the trout were very active and obliging again. John Brown had 10, and fishing buddy Kevin Neri nine using Nymphs, P Keir 15 on a black Fritz and George Pirie also 15 of which he kept three using a selection of mini lures.

Prospects remain good, mixed weather is forecast with some rain on Thursday but nothing to worry the enthusiastic angler.