Lures get the anglers vote

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WHILE all around the country the good people were exercising their franchise and voting in councillors to best look after their interests at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum anglers were carefully considering what fly to use to best overcome the unseasonably cold conditions.

As the week progressed the weather got colder and colder resulting in comments like “baltic” and “perishing / snowy “ in the weather conditions column. There was little surface activity as the fly life vanished and fish retired to the depths to seek out a food source there.

Anglers quickly twigged that down deep was where they had to fish and the WSW’s, Fritz and Blobs rapidly appeared. Jock Ewing kept three for 13 pounds and released 11 on WSW’s, A Murdoch had 11 on Tadploes and Blobs, S Weir eight on Nomads and Blobs and Kevin Martin 15 on the ever effective WSW.

During the better spells Nymphs and Cormorants came into their own. Ronnie Ewing tempted 14 and Joe Paton, up from Bo’ness, 19, of which he kept three. C Western from Westhill, fairly new to angling I suspect, had a couple and in the fly used column in the fishery record wrote “ nae idea”.

The Inter Legion Competition was won by Bucksburn with Stonehaven in second place and on the competition scene the next heat of the SANA Scottish National Stillwater Championship is scheduled for Lochter this Saturday, May 12, registration at 9am with the final set for July 8 at the Glen of Rothes Fishery.

The forecast for this week is mixed with things improving towards the end.