Productive weather for anglers at Delgatie

The past week has proved very productive for anglers at Delgatie. The wind during the week varied in direction but never rose to becoming a nuisance coupled with the occasional shower to freshen the water. Fortunately weed has not presented itself as a problem so far this year and by actively cutting, the water area is still almostclear. Temperature during the week was moderate and kept the fish actively feeding.

Landings for the week were very good with over 300 fish falling to anglers who recorded the following catches: A Murray, Gardenstown, 50 fish, (various lures), T O’Donnell, Hull, 30 fish, (buzzers), P O’Donnell, Hull, 23 fish, (buzzers), P Wilson, Aberdeen, 21 fish, (blobs), The Kukowski family, Aberdeen, 18 fish, (olive damsel, dry fly, buzzers), S Edwards, Turriff, 17 fish, (dry fly, buzzers), N Thomson, Turriff, 15 fish, (buzzers, bloodworm), J Zacha, Australia, 14 fish, (dry fly), D Zacha, Inverallochy, 14 fish, (dry fly), P Broadley, Ellon, 14 fish, (damsel, spider), D Bowman, Aberdeen, 13 fish, (dry fly, buzzers), B Burnett, Turriff, 10 fish, (red spider), G Ellington, Ellon, 10 fish, (buzzers), J West, Fraserburgh, 9 fish, (black fritz). The forecast remains mixed but suggests good fishing. Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is a Troutmaster water and is open 8am to 10pm. Anglers wishing to enjoy the 1pm stop must report by 7pm. Boats, rods and tackle is available for hire and all are welcome. Booking is not necessary. For further info, phone Bob on 07980 999 006.