Red Devils at work at Lochter

It may be an omen at the start of the football season for Dons supporters but the most successful angler at Lochter Fishery used a combination of red Buzzers and red

Nemos to catch and release fourteen nice trout during the past week.

Visiting angler Bill Coghill, although a Partick Thistle supporter, was delighted with his day and did wish Aberdeen FC well for the season ahead.

Evening angler Robert Skinner had a great session with 12 using black dries and Buzzers while black Buzzers were successful for G Anderson who caught and released 11.

By and large Buzzers and Nymphs were the most favoured method and were used by Steve Corsar, M Yeoman, Albert Trail and Graeme McDonald to catch nine apiece.

Lures did have their moments with S Cumming netting ten on a variety of lures while G Strachan and I Strachan, from Laurencekirk, had 16 between them all on lures.

The showery weather has delayed the harvest a bit so the trout`s big feeding bonanza of corn lice has been temporarily delayed as well.

The showers of corn lice will soon be descending on the water bringing the trout to life as they trawl along the surface like mini basking sharks scooping up mouthfuls of protein-packed food and building up strength for the autumn and winter ahead.