Rich harvest at Lochter Fishery

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Farmers are happily completing what has been a good harvest, gardeners are gathering in the results of their labours and round the hedges and banks teams of bramble pickers are out and about collecting these juicy morsels.

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum, anglers have also been sharing the bounty which comes with autumn.

Conditions during the week have varied incredibly from cool and windy to positively balmy and this appears to have kept the fish active and feeding.

A wide range of flies have been used effectively from dries to blobs and the fish were willing to chase swiftly moving flies.

Happy with his day was Ian Innes, from Aberdeen, who caught and released 18 using a home tied olive Pheasant Tail, while Chris Fraser, from Turriff, had ten on Diawl Bachs.

Dries worked well at certain times and M McLennan hit the moment, netting 11 with his dry Sedges. Bill Geddes had an excellent day with his Nymphs and Buzzers, ending with 12 to his name and Tom Murray used Nymphs and Cormorants to account for eight. Going through the catch record there were many bags of eights and nines and quite a few above that.

Standing out were Colin Sutherland with 18 on Nymphs and dries, A Christie with 20 all on Nymphs and Gary Gormley with 11, again on a selection of Nymphs.

At the time of writing the sun is beating down and temperatures in the lower twenties are forecast. As the week progresses things will cool down and this mixed weather is good news for the anglers as it is likely to keep the fish active.