Scorching at Lochter

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With water temperatures over 20 degrees, the trout at Lochter Fishery have been inclined to have a midday siesta.

During the height of the day they retreat to the cool depths and anglers have had to go deep to find them using weighted nymphs and lures.

The deeper Muckle Troot loch has been a good choice at these times. First thing in the morning and in the evening when conditions are cooler the trout are much more active and these have been the most productive times for fishers.

Dries,buzzers, nymphs and naturals have all proved successful but anglers have had to fish light and cast carefully to avoid spooking the fish.

Early bird Alan Logan had eight all on dries and Les Mellis seven on small dark dries .Later on in the day when things got very hot Lenny Davidson had nine on nomads fished deep.

Using buzzers D Ferguson kept three and returned seven while Frank Smith stuck with his favourite dries and landed seven.

Also ending with seven were Dave Murray using black spiders and ptn`s Ian Armstrong using dries and R Still using klinkhammers and black gnats.

John Symons reported “a great evening rise” and using white moths and black ants persuaded six nice fish to take his offerings while also have an enjoyable and successful evening was Bill Muir down from the Black Isle and ending with nine to his name using a dry with a small buzzer suspended a foot down below it.

The forecast is for the bright sunny weather to continue and the tactics for anglers will be the same as this week.