Settled at Delgatie

The past week has seen settled weather conditions with only a slight breeze producing a gentle ripple on the surface and hard frost overnight leading to crisp conditions underfoot at Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery.

As the days progressed the warmer air and sunshine led to good fishing conditions and good sport was had all week.

The best recorded catches for the week were as follows - A. Stewart, Kintore (16 fish, Buzzers); A. Gibson, Gardenstown (14 fish, Orange Fritz); K. Fraser, Greeness (12 fish, Olive/White lure); K. Maddocks, Aberdeen, (12 fish, Bunny Leech); A. Murray, Gardenstown (ten fish, Black Fritz); I. Burnett, Fraserburgh (eight fish, Hotheads); J. McKay, Macduff (seven fish, Blob). K. Fraser included one of more than 10lb in his total catch of 12.

The fishery is still enjoying a steady supply of fresh water and nutrients into the water as the land drainage continues to soak up excess ground moisture and, despite two nights of hard frost, the continuous flow of water appears to hold icing at bay.