Sunshine after the rain at Lochter

IT was singer Elkie Brooks who famously recorded a track about ‘Sunshine after the Rain’ - something which managed to describe perfectly the conditions experienced at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum last week.

Although we couldn’t quite match up to the next line of her song about bluebirds or mountains, we did nevertheless have Bennachie as a backdrop, along with several squadrons of swifts and swallows, which performed ceaseless aerobics over the water as they feasted on the emerging food from the depths below.

Indeed, the depth that the fish were feeding at was key to a consistent days fishing and those who adapted to fishing at different depths as the day progresses fared best.

Buzzers by themselves or in combination did well, with D Linton managing to get 24 on a Buzzer Damsel, P Rawlinson had 10 on Buzzer / Nymph, Ian Syme had 17 with Buzzer / Corixa, Ian Jack had 10 on an Okay Dokay / Blacks Buzzer, while Frank Weir and Dave Watson had 15 and nine respectively both on a Buzzer / Cormorant combination.

Lures also proved to be effective, although mostly when deployed on intermediate or slow sink lines.

Andy O’Rorke managed 22 on a Damsel and black lure, while Jock Ewing had sixteen on his ever reliable WSW. Meanwhile, S Gatt had ten on a yellow Dancer, Willie Meston had nine on various colours of Nomads and Euan Reid caught eight using a Little Devil and Rob Roy lure.

With warmer more settled weather being forecast for the week ahead, who knows - we may even be tempted to have a look in the dry fly box.