Testing conditions at Lochter Fishery

Conditions were at their most testing when 44 of Scotland’s best bank anglers stepped out on to their pegs round the Heron and Osprey lochs at Lochter Fishery to compete for the six places on the Scottish team to represent the country in the international final in October.

The organisers had requested a testing day for the anglers but this was not really meant to include the weather. However in the event, the wind was blowing and the rain was pouring and that remained the situation for most of the day.

Despite the weather there were fish showing on the top throughout but tempting them to take an artificial proved difficult.

Winner and champion on the day, Alan Gilbert, from Glasgow, found the solution was tiny dries and ended a clear winner. Also successful and making it into the team were Andy Dunn, from Ayrshire, Kenny Riddell and Stuart Crockett, from Aberdeen, Davy Bullen, from Edinburgh, and Steve Corsar, from Inverurie. Well done to the lads, good luck in the autumn final and commiserations to those who did not make it through.

Earlier in the week when the weather was warmer and brighter fish were feeding on Buzzers just under the surface. Iain Morgan found the right size and colour and successfully tempted 19. Similarly successful was John Freedland, from Aberdeen, who had 13 using small Buzzers and PTN’s, Scott Sim who had ten, all on Buzzers, and Abb Watt eight on Buzzers and Nymphs.

At the time of writing the cooler weather has brought the water temperatures down a couple of degrees which will liven up the fishing. The next Summer Series qualifier is due on Sunday, July 7. The top four anglers will go through to the £1000 final due in October so this is a challenge well worth taking up.