Unpredictable fishing at Delgatie

THE past week has seen temperatures at Delgatie Castle at a very low level, although the water has remained clear of ice.

The weather has made the fishing somewhat unpredictable with several anglers fishing deep with various lures whilst others (probably the more successful) using bloodworm and buzzers at higher levels, enjoying the better fishing.

The fish have been reacting very erratically and are feeding according to the level of light and the effects of any “water ripple” caused by transient breezes.

The best recorded catches this week fell to:

I Watt, Turriff, 17 fish, (Green/Black Buzzers), B Gray, Turriff, 11 fish, (Green/Black Buzzers), C Fraser, Turriff, 10 fish, (Olive Nymph), Stanford, Peterhead, 8 fish, (Black Buzzer), A Gibson, Gardenstown, 8 fish, (Orange Fritz), N Thomson, Turriff, 7 fish, (Purple Fritz).

The forecast for the coming week is suggesting slightly higher temperatures and hopefully this will lead to more feeding activity at higher levels.

Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is a Troutmaster water and is open seven days from 8am til 5pm.

Opening hours will be extended as the hours of daylight permit. Visitors and novices are welcome and booking is not necessary.

Boats (where required), rods and tackle are available for hire at the fishery.

For further information phone Bob on 07980 999 006.