Weather means a change of tactics

Water temperatures at Lochter Fishery have dropped several degrees during the last week and this has resulted in the trout dropping into the depths as well.

As a result, anglers have had to change their fishing methods to get down to where the fish are feeding and tactics which were working the week before became singularly unsuccessful.

Lures were the method which did work and as the trout are feasting well on minnows and Sticklebacks, Sparklers and Fritz flies were a successful alternative to the more traditional lures.

J Smith had one monster estimated at 15lbs in his bag of nine all seduced by a dark green Damsel and M Wallace tempted ten with his UV Fritz.

Paul Taylor had six on Damsels and Montanas, P Elrick eight on black and green lures and John Parsons six on white and green Fritz.

An exception to the lures men was Tom Smith who used Buzzers and Diawl Bachs to successfully net seven nice fish.

At the time of writing, the temperatures have fallen even further which means there will be little surface activity and anglers will have to go down deeper to find the fish.