Wilson ‘springs into action at Lochter

The Spring Singles (The Springles) was a closely contested affair at Lochter Fishery on Sunday.

In ideal conditions with a breeze, intermittent sunshine and cloud cover, anglers had various options to come to terms with the fish. Some chose to try the top water layers while others taking account of the trouts aversion to bright sunlight went deeper.

In the end, it was a mix of both which carried the day as Aberdeen angler Peter Wilson netted 12 fish to narrowly squeeze out Less Mess, from Ellon, who had 10 and Peter Rawlinson, from Kemnay, who also had 10 but was beaten on count-back.

A new rod was the winner’s prize and it will be good to see if it works as well as the old one.

During the week conditions were mixed. Wet and windy with temperatures fluctuating widely. There was, however, some excellent fishing with a variety of methods and flies all working.

Andrew Lindsay avoided the cold haar on Tuesday morning and began fishing Buzzers as it cleared. He had a terrific afternoon catching and releasing 15 nice rainbows.

On the same day Peter Young stuck to that NE favourite the WSW and ended with 14 including one at 9lbs, three at 4lbs plus and two lovely brown trout. Damsels worked well for Jock Graham who had a great day with 10 to his name while D Mair had 11 on Blobs and D Masson eight on a Cats Whisker.