Winter returns to Lochter

JUST when we thought that Spring had sprung, back came the snow and plenty of it. The daffodils pushing through immediately stopped and the crows and ducks beginning their courtship routines have put off their moves until Spring returns. Temperatures of minus seven have led to a fair bit of ice at Lochter Fishery and caused discontent among anglers anxious to get out for a cast.

Earlier in the week conditions were fine but cold and fishers found that they had to go down in the water and fish slowly to tempt the trout. It was not however necessary to use big flies or lures as Alan Logan and S Prince showed netting eight each using Nymphs with a best of 5lbs. Cats worked well again this week, it seems that white flies often do well in the coldest of conditions. B Ward with seven, Bill Mathers five and David Pottinger, from Shetland, five all proving the point.

Lochter regular Les Mess endured a snowstorm to bag seven and deserved every one of them. Les used a yellow Blob and a black Beetle.

The weather is set to improve as the week progresses which is good news for the Sana World River Singles Fundraiser being held at Lochter this Sunday. Hopefully the weather will stay fine for the Lochter Troutmasters Final on Sunday, March 24, and remain that way for the Sana Stillwater Singles Heat scheduled for Sunday, April 7. Good luck and tight lines to all the competitors.