Naturals at Lochter.

WE humans have never been under more pressure than nowadays when it comes to healthy eating.

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum the advice to eat naturally produced food seems to have spread to the fish who are now feasting on legions of insects round the banks of the lochs. Daddy long legs and blue and olive damsel flies are flitting across the surface as well as hawthorn flies, sedges and all manner of small flies. This has provided a true feast for the trout but observant anglers have been able to cash in by skilfully presenting apparently tasty artificials.

A Watt had a dozen with his Greenwell Spiders and J Lamont eight with CDC dries. Cruncher nymphs worked for I Low tempting ten, while nine nice fish fell for B Weir`s Hoppers. S Corsar stuck with Buzzers and had fourteen.

There were times when the weather got a bit wet (surprise, surprise ) and the fish went down in the water and anglers who followed them did well. J Brown had 15 on WSW’s , G Garioch 11 on a black Fritz and L Greenlees 14 on various Dancers.

There are storms forecast for the start of the week but by the latter half of the week it will be back to mixed weather: ideal for fishing.