News from Ythan Cycle Club

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Scotland’s young racing cyclists travelled to Ellon last Sunday for the Town Centre Youth Races and put on a spectacular display of fast and frantic racing that left spectators, parents and volunteers looking on in admiration and at times amazement at the ability and tenacity of the up and coming talent.

Now in its third year and its second as part of the national Skinny Tyres Youth Race Series the event was the warm up for the main Ellon Pedal Car race and the youths didn’t disappoint.

Racing on a fully closed circuit, cyclists as young as eight lined up as part of five different age groups.

Local interest was always going to be strong with Ythan CC’s youth section, the Ythan QL, well represented in all the age groups and especially in the main A race section with Zak Loney being one of the favourites after a strong season racing across the United Kingdom.

All of the races saw incredible action, from the determined efforts of the youngest racers to the top level action of the U16s with speeds reaching up to 25mph as they raced around the tight town centre circuit setting the perfect scene for the afternoon entertainment from the pedal car racers.


A Race - U16 - 1- Mark McGuire; 2- Zak Loney Ythan CC/Ythan QL; 3- Fraser Martin.

B Race- U14 - 1- Stephen Dent; 2- Joseph Nally; 3- Jack Crombie

C Race- U12 - 1- Sean Flynn; 2- Ellie Park; 3- Struan Pryde

D Race- U10 - 1- Rory McGuire; 2- Anna Flynn; 3- Logan Buchan Ythan CC/Ythan QL

E Race- U8 - 1- Callum Cairney Ythan CC/Ythan QL; 2- Joseph Staff; 3- Elliot Rowe

The clubs riders were also in action last Thursday on the new Inchberry course near Elgin in the Elgin CC 10 mile TT:

1 Peter Ettles Sandy Wallace Cycles 00:21:33; 2 Callum Finlayson Forres C.C. 00:22:54;

3 Charles Fletcher Elgin C.C. 00:23:06; 7 Craig Ward Ythan C.C 00:24:27 First Youth;

21 Mike Giles Ythan C.C. 00:25:48; 26 Ian Adams Ythan C.C. 00:27:15;

30 Carol Middleton Ythan C.C 00:27:45.