Nice one Spain

CLASS will out - as underlined so comprehensively by a Spanish side who reached the heights of perfection in the final of Euro 2012, dismissing the puny challenge of an Italian side who had clearly shot its bolt after a splendid semi - final at the expense of a less than inspired German side.

For those who thought the World Cup holders and now back to back Euro winners were jaded it was quick reminder of the eternity of class.

So no quibbles there then, but what about the other nations left struggling in the wake of a team who oozed all the attributes of world class athletes.

In particular what can the teams from the UK learn, or more significantly what are they prepared to take aboard after a magnificent competition? We’ll see, but don’t hold your breath.

When Scottish coaches who look after the undoubted skills of our youngsters learn sensitive, positive ways to coach there will be hope, but in the meantime while we persist with highly competitive, bullying sessions there is little chance of real, meaningful progress.

Finally as a rugby man I have looked over the fence, liked what I have seen, but will be going back to the oval ball simply because I see little prospect of witnessing in this fair and pleasant land the kind of skills as delivered by Spain.

I also prefer to hear punditry of my game, as opposed to the whining input of Hansen and Laurenson. Sarcasm and nastiness lay uneasily with the breathtaking skills of the three weeks.