Osprey returns to Lochter

THE first osprey of the year appeared at Lochter on Sunday afternoon, two weeks earlier than last year. He demonstrated that he knew his way about by catching a trout right in front of some admiring anglers. Let us hope that this early return means we are in for a good summer with fishing in shirt sleeve order, and fine balmy evenings to encourage an evening rise.

During the week the fishing has varied with the weather, the fluctuations in temperature requiring anglers to use a wide variety of tactics.

Davy Wood broke his new rod early doors but recovered and, using his old faithful, had 16 fish on WSW`s and Blobs. keeping three for the pot and returning the rest. N Smith had 12 using a variety of flies while M Pirie stuck with Montanas and ended up with a score of 15. Diawl Bachs and black and green nymphs worked for D Simpson, who caught and released 16. On the Muckle Troot loc,h the McKays renewed their family tussle with Ernie Jnr coming out on top with 18 to Dads 15. Buzzers did the business for the lads.

The Countryfile forecast for the week reported that temperatures are set to soar back into the mid and upper teens. If this is the case then the fishing will be fantastic.