Academy too strong for Inverurie Don Valley

Inverurie’s relative feelgood start to the season is waning rapidly as they slumped to a third successive heavy defeat by Academy, an opposition playing a far more exuberant brand of cricket than anything that the Garioch men seem able to muster.

Batting first, Inverurie laboured to 127 all out off the last possible ball of the full 46 overs available.

Murrison was the only batsmen to make anything of it, with a well crafted 36, mainly supported by the lower order. A clean straight six was a highlight, but generally boundaries were few and far between, as the Academy seamers maintained a tight grip on line and length.

In contrast the Academy batsmen absolutely tee’ed off when it came to their turn at the crease and the bowlers were under the cosh right from the first ball which was launched over deep extra cover.

When the bowlers are under this kind of pressure, sometimes a couple of good stops in the field or a brilliant catch can turn the tide, but Inverurie don’t have this in their locker at present, or if they do then it still is in the locker with the keys misplaced and nowhere to be found.

The spinners did provide a modicum of respite, and Hadden dismissed Chandi courtesy a skied catch into the covers. Kache continued to attack, however, and a succession of bowlers were dispatched in turn. There was time for Hadden to dismiss Kache to a fine catch in the deep by Norval ,but that was it as Academy charged past the paltry target with some meaty blows into the hospital.

Inverurie Don Valley: 27: S Murrison 36, A Stalker 21, A Majeed 4-18, J Khan 3-39

Academy: 133-2: A Kache 53, S Chandi 29, G Hadden 2-18