Cooler weather keeps the trout active

When it comes to weather we are very hard to please.

It can be too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too calm, too windy. Depending on what you want to do or where you want to go, conditions are seldom just right and if they are “it winna last “.

Anglers’ reactions are exactly the same at Lochter Fishery. During the week we had days which were “far too bright”, “far too windy” and “calm as a millpond”.

However, despite this plethora of adverse conditions, an amazingly large number of fish ignored the doom and gloom and succumbed to the fishers’ wiles.

Doug Mair topped the charts with 24 on his own-tied mini UV lures. Also getting into double figures was Bill Ainslie with 11 on Buzzers and dries,

Bill Gibb with 11 on Bloodworms and Buzzers, E Dickie with 10 on Buzzers, I Callow 11 on Diawl Bachs and Buzzers, R Thomson who had 12 and 10 on two consecutive visits using Nymphs and Cats, and P Wilkinson who used a variety of flies to catch and release 10.

There were lots of bags of seven and eight with everything from small dries to WSW’s featuring in the catch record.

With an extremely mixed week of weather forecast, it is likely that a similar wide range of flies will once again come into play.