Ellon martial arts ace is British champion

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An Ellon martial arts exponent has become British champion in Sanshou.

Ryan Donald won the gold medal at the recent National Sanshou Championships at Milton Keynes.

Sanshou is a Chinese full-contact fighting sport that incorporates the styles of western boxing, wrestling and Kung Fu kicking and hand techniques.

Ryan, black belt of Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Association, faced fighters from Russia, Germany, Spain and

The competition was organised by the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA).

Ryan’s semi-final lasted around one and a half minutes which he won by a knock-out.

He said: “My opponent’s habit of stepping left after my jab provided me with the perfect opportunity to finish the fight with a Spinning Wheel kick.”

The Ellon man, who trains in Peterhead, won the first and third round in the final to take the gold medal.

Following his success, Ryan was approached by the head coach of the Sanshou UK Team.

The team represents Great Britain in competitions globally, including the World and European Wushu tournaments and the Olympic Games.

Ryan was invited to train with the team in preparation for the world championships in Indonesia in 2015.

If Sanshou is entered into the Olympics in Brazil in 2016, Ryan also has the opportunity to train with the team.

He told the Times: “The training that I do takes up most of my personal life.

“My main martial art is Hung Ga Kung Fu, which I practice in Peterhead. I also do Sanshou, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a bit of judo and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) at the new Fitness and Combat Centre in Peterhead.

“Each of these helps in its own little way, with the Hung Ga helping enormously to condition my body and mind, giving me that discipline needed to learn and to push me further and win.

“To be invited to compete on a world level is something that I would have never have imagined.”

Ryan added that he was indebted to his Sifu (master) and training companions who had helped him reach this stage.

He said: “Without them I would not have got to this point.”