Ellon pull out of final Caledonia 1 fixture

Ellon Rugby’s disastrous season in Caledonia 1 looks to be over after the club failed to fulfil its final fixture away to Caithness RFC on Saturday.

Too few players were able to commit to the long journey north, meaning Ellon’s coaches had to pull the plug on the game.

The call-off makes it three times the fixture has been cancelled, with the clash originally scheduled for early January.

Ellon were already in line for relegation to Caley 2 North, but now face the added sting of ending their time in Caley 1 with zero points.

Head coach Ryan Morrice confirmed it was unlikely the Caithness game would be rescheduled again.

He said: “I think they (the Scottish Rugby Union’s Caledonia committee) want it resolved now and that would be it. This is the third time its happened this season. I think basically all of our points and results will be null and void for the season and they’re just relegating us.

“Not that we had a massive amount of points on the board anyway, but we’ve lost them all. They’ve still to get back to us officially, but that’s what they thought would happen.

“We need to wait and see what they come back with, but hopefully there’s no repercussions for next season. We’re just going to have to accept any punishment. I don’t think we’re going to contest anything because there wouldn’t be much point in drawing it out.”

Morrice has been back in the driving seat at Ellon following the departure of former head coach Ross Finlay who has taken up a position at Aberdeenshire RFC.

Morrice said: “His contract was up with Ellon, they made him a pretty good offer and there’s obviously a lot of things going on at that club at the moment.

“It was a pretty good prospect for him. It’s disappointing to see him go, but at the end of the day, he’s a career coach and he’s got to make that progression.”