Ellon to host first ever Sanda event in Scotland

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Ellon will play host to the first ever event of its kind in Scotland later this year, the Scottish Sanda Championships.

Sanda, also known as Sanshou, is a Chinese self-defence system and combat sport.

The event takes place at Ellon Community Centres’ Sports Hall on October 7 this year and it is a Martial Arts Competition, featuring a number of competitive bouts in full contact and semi contact for ladies, gents and juniors.

The main reasons for this event is; to promote the sport of Sanda in Scotland, Engage the community of martial arts clubs in Scotland and bring them together for this event and encourage participation in the martial arts in the local area and raise awareness of fitness and its importance.

Event organiser Ryan Donald said: “As part of the competition we would like to give back to the community and raise money for the Willowbank Day Centre in Peterhead to help them with any upcoming projects and to continue their great service, with all profits made going toward the cause.

“This event is managed and run by myself through my local martial arts club (Sanshou UK – Scotland, based in Boddam) with assistance from Paul Leslie of a martial arts club in Ellon (Yee’s Hung Ga Ellon).

“We anticipate 20-30 competitors in this Kickboxing event, resulting in 30+ bouts throughout the day, and 100+ spectators on the day.

“We have already secured sponsorship from a Construction Legal Service and we are continuing our efforts to secure more funding.

“We are hoping that exposure through local papers will help us receive more sponsorship offers. Sponsorship from local businesses and online donations will be the biggest fund raisers.”

For more information on the even contact Ryan at Sanshouscotland@gmail.com or 07510010036.