Home tied flies score at Lochter

All over the country people are disappearing into sheds, lofts, cupboards under the stairs and emerging with boxes containing “the Christmas Decorations”.

Brought out for another airing, hung as they have always done, from the lampshade, above the pictures etc etc these decorations also provide opportunities for the home fly-tyer.

Gold and silver beads, sparkly tinsel and fluorescent thread all provide potential material for creating fish attracting flies and lures.

Kemnay angler Harry Hughes certainly found that when he visited Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum.

The persistent rain had made the water slightly cloudy so a large fly that would show up was the order of the day.

Harry decided to have a cast with one of his own concoctions which he called the Christmas Cracker and was immediately rewarded when a very nice four pounder seized his lure.

This was not just a sparkle in the pan as the Cracker continued to pull the fish in and Harry was delighted with his bag of 11, all released back into the cool waters. The Cracker will need substantial refurbishment before its next outing.

Also doing well using more conventional flies were Terry Daniels with six on an Okey Dokey, G Ellington with nine on Buzzers, Paul Anderson from Newmachar nine on Montanas, Dave Mackay from Kintore 13 on a Green Pea, Cliff Collie 17 on a Black Fritz, Bryan Ross 12 on an Okey Dokey and top scorer of the week, George Abel from Inverurie who landed and released 23 using a mix of WSW’s and Buzzers as the conditions altered.

As can be seen there are plenty of fish to be caught and they are in fine condition ready to give anglers a good tussle.