Methlick Cricket Club Go International

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Methlick Cricket Club confirmed its ambition and status with a second tour of Holland, compensating in part for a frustrating season in which Lairds has been badly affected by the rains of the summer, handicapping the club’s bid to gain promotion to Grade 1.

But even on the short tour of Holland the rain was never far away not that it any way stopped the tour party of 15 having a great time, thanks to the organisational skills of the club’s Dutch contact Jaap Vogelaar.

The party were based in the beautiful city of Utrecht, enjoying not only three games in the surrounding area, but hospitality on a grand scale, making a third visit to one of the games emerging cricket countries, boasting excellent facilities, a likely prospect.

For the record the Methlick tourists won one game and lost two, but made lots of friends with their cavalier approach to the game, including fine batting performances from Steve Murphy, Jamie Jones, Mark Koch, Charlie and Jay Allan, and guest player Jon Barrett.

The bowling honours were shared by Barrett, Koch,and Tim Duffy, although every member of the tour party played their part on and off the field in promoting Scottish cricket for the second time in the history of the Methlick club.