Nature’s fickle finger at Lochter Fishery

Even the sharpest of minds in nature can be caught out by the unexpected vagaries of the weather .

The incredible change in conditions certainly caught a number of anglers out at Lochter Fishery during the past week.

Those who had been de-layering were forced to once again bring out the thermals.

The big drop in temperature forced a rethink on angling tactics.

At the start of the week the weather was nice and Ian Hutchison had 14 on a mixture of Damsels, Buzzers and even dries.

Lenny Davidson one of the famous “Mc Duffers” netted 11 on Cormorants, while Albert Trail and Bob Ingram, netted 12 and eight respectively on PTNs.

This was the pattern earlier in the week, but the arrival of the snow meant a return to Lures, Blobs and Bloodworms.

Walter Senior had 12, Peter Wilson 11 and David Taylor Jnr eight using various combinations of the above.

This is likely to be the picture for the week ahead too as nature points an icy fickle finger at the fishery yet again.