Weather the key at Lochter Fishery

By and large outdoor sports are weather dependant, skiers need snow, yachtsmen need wind and water while frost can curtail football,rugby,horse racing etc.

Sports people are therefore, not surprisingly, particularly interested in weather forecasts and conditions. Anglers are no exceptions as their sport can be greatly affected by water temperature, wind (too much, too little ) sunshine (far too bright) and also by the length of daylight they have in which to indulge their chosen activity. As we passed the winter equinox on Sunday it was interesting to hear two old boys pronounce on Monday that “the days are stretching” and there would be “mair time for fishin’ “.

Anglers out trying their luck during the week have included Charlie Fraser who caught and released ten on a white Fritz, George Moir who had six on Damsels including two very nice fish in the 5/6 lb class. Doug Mair tempted nine on Sunday with his Blobs, Bob Weir six on Montana Nymphs and Sandy Bowman ten on olive WSW’s.

The trout have been in excellent condition but anglers have had to go deep to connect with them. Finally Lochter fishery would like to wish all anglers young and old a Happy Christmas and a Fishy New Year. The Fishery will be closed on December 25 and 26, and January 1 and 2.