Ythan CC reiders in North-east action

Ythan CC’s Colin Duncan was again on his travels last week when he made the trip to Daviot, near Inverness, for the Moray Firth midweek 10 mile TT, writes Malcolm Grant.

Duncan recorded a time of 23m 09s to take seventh place behind Kenny Riddle who took the win with a time of 21m 53s.

Last Sunday saw Duncan and a number of his Ythan teammates in action at Drumoak in the Ian Brodie Memorial 10 mile TT.

The race winner was Jon Entwhistle (Deeside Thistle), who broke the course record with a stunning time of 20m 45s. Duncan took fifth with a time of 23m 16s and was followed by Mike Giles, Chris Main and Malcolm Grant who all secured a top fifteen finish. Carol Middleton was first lady with her 80-year-old uncle Norman Fraser putting in a great performance with a time of 33m 26s. Youth rider Daniel Kain rode his second race on the Drumoak course and recorded a time of 30m 37s to take the prize for first youth.

Ian Brodie Memorial 10 mile TT, Drumoak, July 5:

1 Jon Entwistle Deeside Thistle CC V 00:20:45; 2 Keith Robertson Granite City RT V 00:22:41; 3 Brian Duncan Velocity 44 Stirling S 00:23:00; 4 Kelvin White Deeside Thistle CC V 00:23:14; 5 Colin Duncan Ythan CC V 00:23:16; 6 Greg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC V 00:23:17; 7 Robert Brown Aberdeen Wh CC V 00:23:19; 8 James Whyman Aberdeen Wh CC S 00:23:27; 9 Ian Grant Deeside Thistle CC V 00:23:46; 10 Malcolm Young Deeside Thistle CC V 00:23:49; 11 Michael Giles Ythan CC V 00:24:06; 12 Norman Skene Velocity 44 Stirling V 00:24:10; 13 Chris Main Ythan CC S 00:24:11; 14 Malcolm Grant Ythan CC V 00:24:12; 15 Mark Higgins Granite City RT V 00:24:13; 16 Rod Cowe Aberdeen Wh CC S 00:24:29; 17 Jody Hall Deeside Thistle CC S 00:24:34; 18 Ewan Murray Velocity 44 Stirling S 00:24:51; 19 Spencer Holmes 00:25:02; 20 Russell Brinklow Deeside Thistle CC V 00:25:02; 21 Stephen Walton Deeside Thistle CC V 00:25:06; 22 Iain Watson Aberdeen Wh CC V 00:25:11; 23 Gordon Smith Deeside Thistle CC V 00:25:40; 24 Mark Heady Deeside Thistle CC V 00:25:42; 25 Ross Hayworth Aberdeen Wh CC V 00:26:06; 26 Craig Wilson Deveron CC S 00:26:07; 27 Alistair Bean Aberdeen Wh CC V 00:26:26; 28 Carol Middleton Ythan CC FV 00:26:35; 29 Scott Bell Elgin CC S 00:26:50; 30 Jacqueline Laing Deeside Thistle CC FV 00:26:55; Deb Barnett Aberdeen Wh CC 00:27:14; 32 Chris Watt Aberdeen Wh CC S 00:27:17; 33 Dan Kain Ythan CC Y 00:30:37; 34 Norman Fraser Ythan CC V 00:33:26.