Pitmedden Festival of Dancing round-up

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7 years and under, Beginners Highland winner : Selina Gordon; Beginners Highland r/up : Caitlin Shepherd; Beginners National winner : Selina Gordon; Beginners National r/up : Alexandra Andrew.

9 years, Beginners Highland winner : Ewan Skinner; Beginners Highland r/up : Georgia Tawse/Bethany Duncan; Beginners National winner : Katie Mulligan; Beginners National r/up : Ewan Skinner.

10 years and over, Beginners Highland winner : Grace Heyman; Beginners Highland r/up : Simone Robertson; Beginners National winner : Iona Baillie; Beginners National r/up : Grace Heyman.

9 years and under, Novice Highland winner : Rowan Haddell; Novice Highland r/up : Amy Robertson; Novice National winner : Rowan Hadell/Rachel Havlin; Novice National r/up : Amy Robertson.

10 years and over, Novice Highland winner : Lauren Tawse; Novice Highland r/up : Rhiannon Brebner; Novice National winner : Rhiannon Brebner; Novice National r/up : Isla Morrison.

Overall Beginner Highland winner : Grace Heyman; Overall Beginner National winner : Selina Gordon/Iona Baillie.

Overall Novice Highland winner : Rowan Waddell; Overall Novice National winner : Rachel Havlin/Rowan Waddell.

Overall Local Beginner : Georgia Tawse; Runner-up Local Beginner : Sian Blackhall.

Overall Local Novice : Rachel Havlin; Runner-up Local Novice : Amy Robertson.

Overall Dancer of the Day (beginner) : Grace Heyman; Overall Dancer of the Day (novice) : Rowan Waddell.

10 years and under, Intermediate Highland winner : Connor Woodcock; Intermediate Highland r/up : Brogan Martin; Intermediate National winner : Brogan Martin; Intermediate National r/up : Connor Woodcock.

11 years, Intermediate Highland winner : April Walker; Intermediate Highland r/up : Toni McKinney; Intermediate National winner : Amy Burnett; Intermediate National r/up : Toni McKinney.

12 years and over, Intermediate Highland winner : Iona Bryce-Maynard; Intermediate Highland r/up : Kirsten Reid; Intermediate National winner : Iona Bryce-Maynard; Intermediate National r/up : Kirsten Reid.

9 years, Premier Highland winner : Rosie Stephen; Premier Highland r/up : Georgina Andrew; Premier National winner : Rosie Stephen; Premier National r/up : Faye Spellman.

10 years, Premier Highland winner : Michelle Gordon; Premier Highland r/up : Lauren Peggie; Premier National winner : Michelle Gordon; Premier National r/up : Emma Johnson.

11 years, Premier Highland winner : Jessica Morrison; Premier Highland r/up: Niamh McSheffrey.

12 years, Premier Highland winner : Billie Jo Stephen; Premier Highland r/up : Elise Lyall; Premier National winner : Elise Lyall; Premier National r/up : Billie Jo Stephen.

13 years, Premier Highland winner : Lisa Sloan; Premier Highland r/up : Jade Tocher; Premier National winner : Lisa Sloan; Premier National r/up : Jade Tocher.

14 years, Premier Highland winner : Lanna Gordon; Premier Highland r/up : Becky Dempster; Premier National winner : Lana Gordon; Premier National r/up : Becky Dempster.

16 years, Premier Highland winner : Iona Black; Premier Highland r/up : Lisa West; Premier National winner : Iona Black; Premier National r/up : Lisa West.

Adults, Highland winner : Lorraine Sinclair; Highland r/up : Duncan Slessor; National winner : Duncan Slessor; National r/up : Lorraine Sinclair.

Overall Intermediate Highland winner : Connor Woodcock; Overall Intermediate National winner : Brogan Martin.

Overall Premier Highland winner : Michelle Gordon/Bille Jo Stephen/Lanna Gordon; Overall Premier National winner : Jessica Morrison/Elie Lyall.

Overall Local Intermediate : April Walker; Runner-up Local Intermediate : Laurie Dow.

Overall Local Premier : Hannah Duncan; Runner-up Local Premier : Danielle Christie/Kerrie Baillie.

Overall Penny Pupil Premier : Hannah Duncan.

Overall Dancer of the Day Intermediate : Connor Woodcock; Overall Dancer of the Day Premier : Jessica Morrison.