Steve Paterson unveiled as new Formartine manager

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FORMARTINE United’s new manager says that he has big plans for the club, following a press conference on Friday in the Derek Smith Lounge at North Lodge.

Steve Paterson, who has come to the post from Huntly, says that the long-term prospects for the Pitmedden side are bright, and that he is impressed with both the club’s facilities and ambition.

He conceded, though, that there would be difficulties to overcome in the short term, after the departure of John Gardiner and Lenny McDonald following Formartine’s 7-1 drubbing at the hands of Deveronvale on March 2.

With considerable interest expressed from a number of quarters, chairman Atholl Cadger concluded that Steve would be the right man for the job, with an impressive list of signings at a number of clubs and a recognised talent for spotting promising players. The former Manchester United midfielder

Mr Cadger said: “The club is enthusiastic, and we have got the drive. We want to win silverware, and Steve is the closest we could get to Alex Ferguson.”

Steve admitted that Formartine faced short-term difficulties, with a number of suspensions and injuries.

“We have problems at the moment,” he said, admitting that his first few matches would likely involve “bedding himself in”.

He added, however, that he hoped to have made the necessary changes by August, with a team of his own making ready to compete by the end of the summer.

“I wasn’t overly inspired by some of the club’s signings,” he said. “I should say, though, that a lot of guys simply need to be managed well, and if they’re motivated, they’ll perform well. However, there are a few boys I’m keen to get tied up - they have the right credentials. They’re young, early 20s, want to win and aim to play at higher levels.”

He added that it would be unfair to discuss potential signings, but said that one player he was considering signing for the club was his nephew, Kyle Macaulay, describing the youngster as “potentially a First Division player.”

Despite a controversial career, and well-known issues with both drinking and gambling, the former Manchester United midfielder maintained that he has since turned his life around and that he was eager to get back into the game.

“I’ve been involved in competitive football from the age of 15, and I hope to be in the game till I’m 70,” he said. “I had a troubled time, but I have sorted out the issues in my life, and am in the best shape I could be for managing a football club. I think Formartine will benefit.

“I’m a lucky guy to come to such an ambitious and successful club.“